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About this presentation

related to ATMOsphere Europe 2018
published on 20 November 2018
11 pages

Laurent Descourtieux from Fives Filling & Sealing presented the current state of play in mobile air-conditioning around the world and how R744 could take up in the near future with the adequate support and incentives.

About the speaker(s)

Laurent Descourtieux


Laurent has an engineering degree in Agriculture and a postgraduate degree in Business Administration. His first job was as a shrimp farmer in Senegal. This is where he realized how a good refrigeration system is critical for food preservation!

After his 3 years consulting experience  in the field of seafood processing and trading, he joined GENEGLACE, a GEA company manufacturing industrial ice machines. Since then, Laurent has pursued his career in industry and he has been working for 6 years at Fives in Nantes.

Fives manufactures filling machines for the automotive assembly lines. Laurent is in charge of the business development in the HVAC industries, with a specific focus on leak detection and charging processes.