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AEON's activities to expand the installation of natural r...


About this presentation

related to ATMOsphere Asia 2016
published on 9 February 2016
13 pages

AEON’s Haruko Kanamaru presented the group’s efforts to expand the use of natural refrigerants. The AEON group, present in 13 countries with 300 companies, is committed to using CO2 in all its new stores, and to converting 3,500 existing refrigeration systems to natural solutions. It expects this to deliver 10% energy savings and to reduce CO2 emissions by 50%.

About the speaker(s)

Haruko Kanamaru


Since September 2013, Haruko Kanamaru has been the head of the Environment and Social Responsibility Department (Corporate Citizenship Department) for the AEON Group. Kanamaru's previous work experience includes serving as the head of the AEON Management Talent Development Committee Office in 2012 and as the head of Customer service for AEON, as well as the head of the AEON Retail Customer Service Department in 2011.