ATMOsphere America End User Advisory Committee

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'Together with End Users': Meet ATMO America's End User Advisory Committee

ATMOsphere America 2019 team is working with leading end users of our industry to develop an even better and more relevant content for you!

Meet our esteemed Advisory Committee members:

  • Bing Cheng | Campbell Soup
  • Pete Marotta | Grocery Outlet 
  • Ed Estberg | Raley's (Refrigeration Consultant)
  • Pete Lepschat | Henningsen Cold Storage 
  • Gerard von Dohlen | Newark Refrigerated Warehouse 

How Does the End User Advisory Committee Work?

The members of the Committee brainstorm and talk about ideas to make ATMO better for their sector 

ANALYZING - They track what they are doing and share best practices with other end users

DISCUSSING - They talk about what they have been doing with natural refrigerants and exchange perspectives

OUTCOME - They consider all the outcomes that can be achieved and spread the word! 

Do you have an idea you'd like to share with us? Send an e-mail to