ATMOsphere Network Paris - July 2014

date17 July 2014 location UNESCO Building, Paris view on map

About this event

ATMOsphere Network Paris: Natural Refrigerants For Developed and Developing Countries.

This event will be organised on side of the international climate negotiations meeting "Open-Ended Working Group meeting of the Montreal Protocol" that gathers around 400 people from approximately 200 countries and various UN agencies, as well as interested industry and non-governmental representatives.

The aim is to showcase the availability, efficiency, safety of natural refrigerant solutions in developed and developing countries. Presentations will highlight successful natural refrigerants applications in higher ambient temperatures and why developing countries can look at natural refrigerants solutions when phasing out HCFCs (and thereby leapfrogging HFCs).


8 August 2014 | ATMOsphere Network Paris - Successful side event to the OEWG34shecco has recently organized ATMOsphere Network Paris. This side event to the 34th Open Ended Working Group meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol was chaired by Sidi Menad Si Ahmed, Former UNIDO Director of the Montreal Protocol Branch, who shecco was proud to announce has joined shecco as the company’s International Chief Advisor.
8 August 2014 | ATMOsphere Network Paris provides update on room AC conversion to R290 in ChinaA successful ATMOsphere network Paris organised on 17 July as a side event to the Montreal Protocol meeting brought together around 50 international climate negotiators and industry representatives. The event provided an exclusive update on the conversion of a production line for residential AC to hydrocarbons in China by a representative of the Chinese Foreign Economic Cooperation Office (FECO). 
28 July 2014 | Presentations & pictures onlineWe are pleased to say that the ATMOsphere Network Paris Meeting last week, organised during the 34th Open Ended Working Group meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol, was a success. Discussions centered on the availability, efficiency and safety of natural refrigerant solutions, as well as market and policy trends in both developing and developed countries.
15 July 2014 | Invitation to OEWG34 side event - ATMOsphere Network ParisIt is our pleasure to invite you to attend the ATMOsphere Network Paris Meeting focusing on natural refrigerants on Thursday 17 July 2014, organised on the margins of the 34th Open-Ended Working Group of the Montreal Protocol (OEWG). A light lunch will be offered prior to the meeting at 13:00.