ATMOsphere Network Montreal 2017

date21 November 2017 location Room 6, The Conference Centre, ICAO, Montreal, Canada

About this event

ATMOsphere Network Montreal 2017 

This event is organised on the side of the 29th Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol. It will focus on the potential of natural refrigerant technologies to fulfil the obligations of the Parties under the Kigali Amendment and share findings of a recent study prepared by Öko-Recherche for Greenpeace, which evaluated climate benefits of global HFC phase-out scenarios.

In addition, presentations by the Environmental Investigation Agency will take a close look at the role of standards and other elements vital for successful implementation of the Kigali Amendment. shecco will share the latest market data and trends related to natural refrigerant technologies across different regions.

The side event is targeted towards climate negotiators and industry representatives who are looking for technologically viable, safe and efficient alternatives to chemical refrigerants that have to be phased out in the near future.

About 29th MOP

From 20-24 November 2017, policy representatives from approximately 200 countries and various UN agencies, as well as interested industry and non-governmental representatives, are meeting in Montreal, Canada to discuss alternatives to Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) and high GWP HFCs.  

No additional registation is required. We look forward to seeing you at our side event!