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ATMOsphere Bali 2011

date25 November 2011 location Bali, Indonesia

About this event

ATMOsphere Bali 2011: The first ATMOsphere side event to the 23rd Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol (MOP23).

Natural refrigerants - an industry perspective: shecco and The Natural Voice organise this ATMOsphere panel discussion to give an industry point of view about natural refrigerants. Representatives from the industry, policy and government will discuss about case studies and their experience with technology using CO2, NH3 or hydrocarbons. This side event is targeted to the climate negotiators that are looking for technologically viable, safe and efficient alternatives to chemical refrigerants that have to be phased out/down in the near future.

About MOP 23: From 21-25 November over 400 key policy representatives from 200 countries and various UN agencies met in Bali, Indonesia to discuss alternatives to Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS), HCFCs and HFCs.


1 December 2011 | Market analysis: HC share in Australia¬ís MAC service sector exceeds 10%A presentation by HyChill at a side event held during last week’s Montreal Protocol negotiations drew upon the Australian automotive air conditioning sector’s many years of experience with the safe use of hydrocarbons and the relevance of this undertaking to countries beyond Australia. Market share analysis revealed that the share of hydrocarbons (HCs) exceeds 10% in the Australian motor vehicle air-conditioning (MAC) service sector.
29 November 2011 | Montreal Protocol Parties request more info on low-GWP alternativesFor the third year, Parties to the Montreal Protocol did not reach consensus on taking action to control HFCs under the treaty. However, they did advance discussions on the availability, cost and potential of alternatives to ozone-depleting substances, with low impact on the climate and requested the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel (TEAP) to conduct a study in that respect.
23 November 2011 | MOP 23 Coverage: GIZ launches new publications on natural refrigerant applicationsAt the 23rd Meeting of the Parties (MOP) to the Montreal Protocol, hosted on the island of Bali, Indonesia, GIZ presented three new publications aimed at helping countries phase-out HCFC-22 and convert to climate friendly alternatives such as hydrocarbons. Below we look at the first of these, the GIZ leaflet “Applications for low-GWP replacement for HCFC-22”.