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FTE's Natural Refrigerant Technology


About this presentation

related to ATMOsphere Japan 2019
published on 12 February 2019
10 pages

About the speaker(s)

Norishige Sato


April 2001.       Joined Food techno Engineering Co.,Ltd, April 2001.

January 2017.  FTE Academy.

November 2018.          General Manager of FTE Academy

Food Techno Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded on August 2, 1999. Considering the quality and safety of foods as a top priority, engineering that realizes with high technical capacity is continued business by many customers.

FTE Academy with the concept of global environment and energy, was opened in January 2017.we are working on the development of CO2 refrigerator which is natural refrigerant. For the future of cold energy technology, we will continue to develop new technologies.