Case studies selected for ATMOsphere China 2019

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We're happy to announce the case studies selected to be presented at ATMO China 2019 from Nidec, Carel, Square Technology, Dorin, Alfa Laval and Hansen. 

The ATMOsphere Review Panel is pleased to announce the case study selections for the ATMOsphere China 2019 conference taking place on 11-12 April in Shanghai. 

Nidec, Carel, Mayekawa, Dorin, Alfa Laval and Hansen will discuss their innovative natural refrigerant-based technologies at the conference. 

The presentations are:

NIDEC | Hansen Peter Michael | Increased effciency with R290 in light-commercial refrigeration 

R290 offers higher cooling speed and efficiency, as well as better running costs for light commecial applications. Nidec/Secop's variable speed technology will be of benefit to OEMs and end users in obtaining extreme energy savings and total cost of ownership savings. Nidec/Secop's R290 Variable Speed Compressors allow light commercial equipment to reach the highest level on China's Energy Label. In addition, optimum design of refrigeration systems help to reduce R290 refrigerant volume.

Carel | Eason Cheng | CO2 TC in China - 1 year experience in retail and potential cold store application

The use of carbon dioxide is nowadays a standard for commercial refrigeration and CO2 compressor racks are widely used for centralized systems.

One of CAREL's main purposes is to reduce the carbon footprint around the world. With this ambition CAREL was a key player in the first CO2 transcritical store in China, in the capital city of Beijing, and is working to increase the number of CO2 transcritical projects in China with Ejector Technology.

CAREL supplies from one side its expertise, coming from many years of successful CO2 transcritical projects inside and outside Europe and, from the other side, the total control system, including Rack system controllers, cabinet/evaporator controls with step electronic expansion valves & local supervisory systems. CAREL will introduce a year after the first CO2 transcritical METRO store opening, its status and promising new projects with local partners including a cold storage project in Yunnan, Kunming province, with a COtranscritical booster rack and an innovative laboratory in Jiangsu with CAREL's pRack and Ejector Technology.

Square Technology | Xiaohua Lou | Development of an NH3/CO2 system for freezer applications in China

This case study will include examples of CO2 refrigerant applications in China and will talk about reducing ammonia charge and energy savings. Mayekawa will also introduce its NH3/CO2 refrigeration unit called "South Polar" which will be released in the spring. 

Dorin | Giacomo Pisano | Performance of a CO2 TC system - case study with a local retailer

The work will describe the design configuration and field experience of one of the first CO2 transcritical systems running in China in a supermarket in the Beijing area, featuring parallel compression and heat recovery for best in class performance. The work will highlight how this technology is now viable also in China since no commissioning issues were faced after about 1 year of operation. This will make it clear that local contractors are fully capable of handling this technology once they are properly trained. 

Alfa Laval | Tommy Angback | Reliable R717/R744 Cascade heat exchanger

The industry is looking for safe and efficient R717/R744 cascade heat exchanger technology. An installation case including a semi-welded plate heat exchanger will be presented. It has been running trouble free for more than 10 years in a R717/R744 cascade duty.

The case is confirming the results experienced from more than 300 units installed in R717/R744 cascade duties with semi-welded plate heat exchangers from Alfa Laval. The presentation will also explain why the semi-welded plate heat exchangers are efficient, safe and reliable technology to use in low charge ammonia systems with carbon dioxide as a secondary refrigerant in a subcritical state.

The real life field experience from earlier installations shows that the time between planned maintenance required in high pressure installations can be extended (about 50%) from predicted. This means further tangible life cycle cost savings facilitating sustainable industrial refrigeration investments with natural refrigerants.

Hansen | Chuck Chen | Case study on a LC NH3 DX system in a cold storage facility in Central China 

In 2015 Hansen Technologies offerred 65 pieces of ammonia expansion valves, controllers, and sensors for Jinmen Duohui cold strorage, which is still the biggest project using ammonia dry expansion technology to date in Central China. Hansen Technologies kept working together with the refrigeration contractor Dalian Iceberg. The challenge was to reduce ammonia charge, increase system efficiency, improve system stability. Hansen provided both products and the DX solution for this project, especially at various tempatures including at low and medium temperatures. As a main player in North America, Hansen has been introducing ammonia DX technology into the Asian market since 2014 and the Jinmen Duohui project is a milesone project using ammonia DX technology in Central China, which makes more and more people keep their eyes on ammonia DX technology that would make the market move forward one step.