First round selection of case studies for ATMOsphere Asia 2014

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We are pleased to announce the first round selection of case studies to be presented at ATMOsphere Asia 2014 in Tokyo. Yamato, Alfa Laval, Kawasaki Thermal Engineering, SWEP Japan, AHT Cooling Systems and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) will be presenting topics in the fields of commercial and industrial refrigeration, heat pumps and other applications. We are also happy to welcome our newest Bronze Sponsor AHT Cooling Systems.

Commercial Refrigeration session

Ultra Eco-Ice System – innovative solution for Japanese supermarkets by Sadao Nishimura, Yamato: Aimed at replacing HFC systems in the Japanese retail industry, the Ultra Eco-Ice System, which uses cold energy accumulated during nighttime for refrigeration/air conditioning inside of the store and display cases, has shown a 55% reduction in TEWI (Total Equivalent Warming Impact) when compared to a conventional direct expansion system. The system also recycles the condensing heat recovered from the refrigerator to heat the floor in winter.

Plug-in hydrocarbon showcases - case studies from Japan and South East Asia by Bill Ho, AHT Cooling Systems: At ATMOsphere Asia 2014, AHT Cooling Systems, represented by Bill Ho, will introduce propane plug-in showcases as a winning alternative to not only chemical refrigeration systems but also to increasingly popular CO2 refrigeration systems. While globally AHT supplied more than 600,000 R290 cabinets, the potential in Japan is significant. Customers in Asian countries (Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and China) started using R290 since 2009, more than 3,000 R290 products have been supplied since then. Positive experience with this natural refrigerant solution for Asian supermarkets and convenience stores will be shown with the case studies from Japan and South East Asia.

Industrial Refrigeration session

Solar air-conditioning system using single-double effect combined absorption chiller by Hajime Yabase, Kawasaki Thermal Engineering Co.: Hajime Yabase presents Kawasaki’s single-double effect combined absorption chiller for solar air-conditioning system. Yabase describes the set up and the installation of a model plant in the University of Indonesia (UI) in Jakarta. This research work is entrusted by the Ministry of the Environment Japan as greenhouse gases and air pollutant emissions reduction is a very important topic in Indonesia. The author will also report about the system’s efficiency according to first test results undertaken at this facility.

Heat Pump & Other applications session

Heat recovery in apartment buildings with transcritical CO2 heat pump by Rolf Christensen, Alfa Laval: Rolf Christensen’s presentation describes the transcritical CO2 heat pump process using common exhaust ventilation as the heat source. Such a process, based on the Japanese EcoCute concept, shows great energy saving results and reduced environmental impact by using an energy efficient system incorporating brazed heat exchangers designed for this purpose. The presentation focuses on a real life case story based on the experience from a conversion of a block of 24 apartment buildings incorporating more than 400 apartments in Lund, Sweden.

New design of compact brazed plate heat exchanger for CO2 transcritical applications by Peizhong Cong, SWEP Japan K.K.: In this presentation, Peizhong Cong from SWEP Japan K. K. describes a new brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHE) design and manufacturing concept, which allows for the drastic reduction (up to 60%) of the size of existing CO2 heat exchangers. In addition, an asymmetric approach of the fluid channels also enables the reduction of the hold up volume in the heat exchanger.

CO2 Heat-pump water heater for commercial use by Hiroshi Takigawa, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI): Mitsubishi Heavy Industries developed a two-stage compressor for commercial CO2 Heat-pump water heaters. Employing the world’s first combination of rotary and scroll mechanisms and intermediate gas injection, it realised high reliability and high efficiency under a wide range of conditions. The Q-ton, a commercial CO2 heat-pump water heater equipped with the developed compressor, achieves significantly improved heating capacity and COP and makes it possible to introduce heat-pump water heaters in cold regions, which has always posed difficulties.

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Companies attending ATMOsphere Asia 2014

The following table provides an overview of some of the key organisations and companies that have confirmed their attendance at ATMOsphere Asia 2014.

AEON Retail

KAV Consulting

Royal Norwegian Embassy

AHT Cooling Systems


Saga University

Alfa Laval

KIKO Network


ARA (Australian Refrigeration Association)





Sustainable agriculture and environment



SWEP Japan



The Coca-Cola Company


METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme)

GCAP (Garden City Ammonia Program)

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization)


MOE (Ministry of Environment)

University of Illinois

HB Products

Naoyuki Yada Lab

University of Tehran Research Park


Nihon Netsugen Systems

Waseda University




JRAIA (Japan Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association)

Red Bull


Kanagawa Institute of Technology




With two of the biggest industry trade shows, HVAC Japan 2014 (28-31 January) and Supermarket Trade Show (12-14 February), happening before and after ATMOsphere Asia 2014, Tokyo is the place to be the beginning of 2014!

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New Sponsor

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