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We are excited to announce the 3rd and final round of case study selections for the first-ever ATMOsphere Asia 2014. Mayekawa, SANDEN, Bitzer, Itomic, Denso and the Australian Refrigeration Association (ARA) will present their innovative technology case studies in the fields of industrial & commercial refrigeration and heat pumps.

In addition, we would like to share with you several program updates including new speakers from Sobeys and Japan Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association (JRAIA).

We are also pleased to announce three new Sponsors of the event: Bitzer, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Itomic.


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Selected case studies

Commercial refrigeration

Efficient CO2 refrigeration system by Yukio Yamaguchi, SANDEN

This presentation will focus on newly developed CO2 refrigeration systems for small applications, including initial test results and performance efficiency ratings. Yukio Yamaguchi will also provide updates on SANDEN's signature heat pump technology and vending machines

Evaluation of CO2 booster system in Asian climate conditions by Oliver Javerschek, Bitzer

The presentation by Bitzer shows an experimental and empirical study of a CO2 booster system. It provides comparisons between different systems, including optimised R404A/R404A systems, optimised hybrid systems R134a/CO2 cascade and CO2 booster systems, and discusses the findings and results of these studies.

Industrial refrigeration

Brent Hoare, Australian Refrigeration Association (ARA)

Heat pumps

Industrial heat pump system using CO2 refrigerant Eco-Cute, Eco-Sirocco and H2O refrigerant Adref-Noa by Fujio Komatsu, Mayekawa

Fujio Komatsu from Mayekawa introduces their new commercial/industrial use heat pumps using natural refrigerants CO2 and H2O. The author will also present and describe the technical specifications and results of several reference installations in different applications in Japan and other countries in Asia.

Commercial CO2 heat pump - case studies from Asian countries by Kazuyuki Ochiaim, Itomic

Itomic will present the sales figures for Eco-cute in the Japanese market and overseas, including in Korea, Taiwan, China and Central Asia. The Presentation focuses on the effectiveness of CO2 refrigerant and Itomic heat pumps on the market. Kazuyuki Ochiai will also provide a market review of both the Japanese and global market and discuss the future developments of CO2 Eco-cute for Itomic.

High efficiency residential air-to-water heat pump with CO2 by Naruhide Kimura, Denso

This presentation will provide a summary of the EcoCute market. Through case studies carried out in the residential heat pump market in Japan, Naruhide Kimura will be exploring new technology by Denso and the measurable advantage of CO2 over HFCs in DWH heat pumps.

New confirmed speakers
  • Ian Crookston, Sobeys
  • Christophe de Bassompierre, Deputy Ambassador to the Embassy of Belgium in Japan
  • Sidi Menad Si Ahmed, Former Director at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
  • Kenji Matsuda, Japan Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association (JRAIA)
  • Hiroaki Suzuki, AEON

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New sponsors

BITZER (Silver): Bitzer is a global leader in the manufacture of screw, scroll and semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors for commercial A/C and refrigeration applications, including compressors designed for CO2 and Ammonia. BITZER began producing CO2 compressors in 1998 and has a wide range of UL approved sub-critical compressors and trans-critical models.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Bronze): Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) provides high efficiency systems for both cooling and heating air and water in residential, commercial and industrial applications including innovative solutions using CO2. The new air-to-water heat pumps and award winning large capacity centrifugal chillers have been internationally recognised as one of the most energy efficient cooling systems available.

Itomic (Bronze): For over a half century, Nihon Itomic has been considered a forerunner of the manufacturer producing electric water heaters for industrial use in Japan. The company’s production of electric water heaters accounts for approximately 70% of the market share in Japan. Itomic was the very first manufacturer to launch commercial Eco-cute (CO2 heat pump water heater) in the world market in 2002. Itomic products include innovative eco-friendly and high efficiency CO2 heat pump water heaters.

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