MAYEKAWA signs on as Gold Sponsor for ATMOsphere Asia 2016

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Mayekawa, a world leading supplier of industrial cooling & freezing systems, refrigeration compressors, and heat pumps, has announce itself as a Gold Sponsor for the 3rd ATMOsphere Asia in Tokyo, Japan. 

Since establishing itself in 1924, Mayekawa has worked to ensure food safety, taste, quality, affordability, and stable supply through numerous technologies, while focusing on energy savings and environmental sustainability. Today, the company has over 100 small subsidiaries in Japan and 40 additional subsidiaries across the world.

Committed to using the “natural five”

Some of Mayekawa’s most popular products are its MYCOM compressors, including the M-Series reciprocating compressors and J-series screw compressors. These comprehensive ranges of compressors, in addition to single and compound two stage compressors, are developed for a variety of applications. The M-series reciprocating compressors were designed to combat soaring energy costs, with its ability to reduce Kw consumption while still providing the tonnage required, while the J-series screw compressor boasts one of the highest energy efficiencies on the market.

One of the key products is its cooling system NewTon, which responds to the HFC/HCFC phase out issue employing indirect cooling by CO2 which is cooled by a natural refrigerant "Ammonia" without any impact of ozone depletion and global warming. These tailored units are designed for several applications including cold storage and ice plants, freezers and ice arenas.

Pascal Air system technology

Mayekawa recently presented benefits and experiences in ultra low temperature storage via the Pascal Air system, which uses air as the working fluid. Pascal Air refrigeration system for low temperature warehouses is highly flexible, with a wide range of temperature control, even as low as -120°C, and it’s use of air, the ultimate natural refrigerant, means there is no threat to safety in case of a leak, and zero ozone depletion potential and global warming potential. Additionally, another major benefit is reduced costs, including reduced electricity usage.

About ATMOsphere Asia 2016
9 & 10 February, Shin-Maru Conference Square - Tokyo, Japan

Returning for it's 3rd edition, ATMOsphere Asia 2016 is THE industry event bringing together HVAC&R experts from across the globe! Taking place just before the Supermarket Trade Show, the conference is expected to attract a record number of both Asian and international end users and other leading industry stakeholders.

The conference will cover the latest natural refrigerant technology innovations, market trends and regulatory issues, looking at both the Japanese scope as well as the international dimension. Programme highlights include updates on national subsidies given by the Japanese Ministry of Environment and information about F-Gas policies and their implementation in Europe and North & South America.

This year, the two-day conference will be split with the first day focusing on commercial refrigeration and the second day covering industrial refrigeration and other applications. For more information about the event, please visit

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