Second round of case study selections for ATMOsphere Asia 2016

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The ATMOsphere Review Board has made its second round of selections for case studies to be presented at ATMOsphere Asia 2016, which will take place on 9 & 10 February in Tokyo, Japan.

Congratulations to CAREL Japan, Emerson, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Yamato on their selection to present the following case studies at ATMOsphere Asia 2016.

DC compressor waterloop system in commercial refrigeration, CAREL Japan

This presentation will feature a new concept in refrigeration: water-cooled, self-contained refrigeration units equipped with DC compressors. This system is able to combine the advantages of plug-in watercooled units with the efficiency of DC compressors, already largely used in the HVAC&R industry. It will show how a DC compressor waterloop system, first introduced in Europe, could open up a new frontier in the application of natural refrigerants in commercial refrigeration in Asia. A comparison of the use of this technology with different refrigerants (R410A, CO2 and propane) will be presented as well as energy efficiency data from field installations, lab testing and advanced SW simulation.

CO2 booster system using mixed scroll/piston compressor technology, Abel Gnanakumar, Emerson

The presentation will cover how mixing scroll and semi-hermetic technology helps the industry to apply CO2 booster systems. Studies show that there is no special engineering required in mixing the compressor technologies in building a booster pack, with the added benefit that scrolls offer easy-to-apply modulation and make the overall system more cost effective.

Operating results of CO2/NH3 refrigeration system, Ryouhei Suzuki, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

This case study will explain the product outline of C-LTS by showing the introduction of the system flow lineup and operating results on site. In addition, the latest installed examples of the CO2 hot water heater (Q-ton) will be presented.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is experienced in the freezing device and refrigerator manufacturing business, with the CO2/ammonia refrigeration (C-LTS) series launched in 2005.

Energy efficiency of brine-ice thermal storage system using a new type of CO2 refrigeration unit, Toshiaki Hosono, Yamato

This study will present data on the performance of the Ultra Eco-Ice system with the new CO2 pressure adjust control system, first introduced to the market in 2015. The presentation will see the demonstration of three merits of this thermal storage equipped system versus standard direct expansion CO2 system. The merits include peak energy consumption reduction, improved COP of the system and reduced initial costs by the downsizing of the CO2 system.

Click here to read about the first round of selections that includes Alfa Laval, BITZER, Danfoss, Denso, SANDEN and SWEP.

About ATMOsphere Asia 2016

Returning for it's 3rd edition, ATMOsphere Asia 2016 is THE industry event bringing together HVAC&R experts from across the globe! Perfectly timed on 9 & 10 February, 2016, to coincide with the Supermarket Trade Show, the conference is expected to attract a record number of both Asian and international end users and other leading industry stakeholders.

The conference will cover the latest natural refrigerant technology innovations, market trends and regulatory issues, looking at both the Japanese scope as well as the international dimension.

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