Temprite, ebm-papst, Efficient Energy and Tecumseh are our new Bronze Sponsors for ATMOsphere Europe

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We are really excited to have Temprite, ebm-papst, Efficient Energy and Tecumseh as Bronze Sponsors for the ATMOsphere Europe 2017 conference held on 25-27 September.

Founded in 1924, Temprite is based in West Chicago, Ill. The company works with natural refrigerants CO2, ammonia and hydrocarbons.

Building on decades of experience in manufacturing components for the refrigeration industry, the Temprite tradition of innovation continues with energy-efficient coalescent and conventional oil separators for every type of refrigerant, such as the 130 Series for CO2 transcritical CO2 systems designed for up to 140 bar (2,030 psi) and the ammonia-compatible 920 & 920R Series.

Temprite offers the 300 and 900 series of hermetic coalescent oil separators. Both Series are compatible with HC refrigerants such as R290 (propane), R600a (isobutane), and R170 (ethane).

For more information on Temprite, please visit: www.temprite.com

A worldwide leader in fans and motor technology, ebm-papst, provides air-moving solutions to fit a variety of cooling and heating needs.

With over 15,000 different products, the company offers application–specific engineered solutions for air technology.

The company specializes in services for commercial refrigeration, air-conditioning, appliance, automotive, heating, industrial, lighting, medical, transportation and many other markets.

Ebm-papst’s key objective is to develop eco-friendly and cost-efficient products that reflect their GreenTech philosophy.

Read more about ebm-papst here: www.ebmpapst.us

Efficient Energy GmbH, a young and innovative company based in Feldkirchen near Munich, Germany is among the most innovative providers of environmentally friendly refrigeration technology. Its highly qualified staff of 50 has succeeded in replacing conventional refrigerants with water (R718).

This breakthrough in refrigeration technology lies at the heart of eChiller, the world’s cleanest and, with energy savings of up to 80 %, economically most valuable compression refrigeration unit. Efficient Energy won the 2016 German Refrigeration Award for its eChiller.

The eChiller® works by direct evaporation of water in a vacuum-sealed closed-loop cycle.

For more information about Efficient Energy, visit: www.efficient-energy.com

Tecumseh Products Company is an industry leader in developing compressors and condensing units that utilize hydrocarbon refrigerants R290 (propane) and R600a (isobutane). Tecumseh has been producing HC refrigerant-ready compressors for more than 12 years, mostly in Europe and South America.

Today, its family of eco-friendly compressors numbers more than 150 models, including the globally available AE2 fractional horsepower compressor for commercial refrigeration.

Tecumseh Products Company recently unveiled at the AHR Expo 2017 several new fractional-horsepower compressors designed for hydrocarbon and other refrigerants, while maintaining its preference for propane (R290) for stand-alone commercial refrigeration equipment with capacities less than ½ HP.

Read more about Tecumseh Products Company: www.tecumseh.com