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ATMOsphere Events bring together end users, suppliers, policy, market trends and technology case studies and high-profile panelists who explore the latest developments in commercial, light refrigeration, industrial refrigeration and heat pumps technology.

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shecco is a market accelerator for climate-friendly heating, cooling & refrigeration solutions. The group operates from four locations, spanning various activities, industries and continents.

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News websites

Are you curious to find out more information about the exhibitors, speeches, product launches and policy updates during the conference? Read our articles on R744.comHydrocarbons21.comAmmonia21.com or follow us on LinkedIn, @R744, @hydrocarbons21 and @ammonia21.

Accelerate Magazines

Accelerate magazines report about innovation, markets and technology trends. The magazines feature stories and in-depth analysis on leadership from end-users, suppliers, regulators and other key stakeholders. Follow Accelerate America podcast@AccelerateEU, @AccelerateNa, @AccelerateAUNZ, @AccelerateJP.


Check out our NatRefs Show, the weekly podcast which provides a round-up of the most important natural refrigerants news of the week from the news websites.