NARECO2 partners meet in Trondheim, discuss Atmosphere 2009

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On 9 June, project partners from all over Europe met in Trondheim to discuss progress and next steps regarding the first EU e-learning module and manual for CO2 in heating & cooling applications. shecco presented Atmosphere 2009 as the final meeting point of all NARECO2 partners.

Meeting at Scandinavia’s leading research institute SINTEF in Trondheim, Norway, research and industry partners discussed latest progress regarding the most extensive freely accessible CO2 e-learning module to be available in the EU soon. Developed by the Catholic University Limburg, NARECO2 project leader and main contributor, the e-learning module will span a wide array of topics, starting from the basic characteristics of CO2 (R744), its safety classification, and pressure-temperature charts, to also cover its environmental and technical performance. More specifically, the module will present different component options and system designs, calculation models, and servicing considerations to provide a most complete interactive tool for engineers, teachers, and students investigating the use of CO2.

Project partners from Limburg, SINTEF, the University of Padova, and the Danish Technological Institute also discussed their contributions to a CO2 manual currently under progress. Originally meant to be a manual for engineers and educational staff, the document has grown to become one of the most comprehensive guides on the natural refrigerant CO2 for technicians, researchers, policy makers, and the industry in Europe and beyond. It incorporates latest technological knowledge regarding the use of R744 in Mobile Air Conditioning, heat pumps, commercial and industrial refrigeration, and other applications. shecco will contribute with a chapter about market and policy drivers affecting the use of CO2 in the EU. 

Atmosphere 2009

As the main conference organiser, shecco was present to update the NARECO2 partners about the concept and detailed realisation of Atmosphere 2009 – the international conference on natural refrigerants to be held in the European Capital Brussels. Although the scope has now been widened to also cover the natural refrigerants ammonia and hydrocarbons, the NARECO2 project will be given a prominent place at the end of the conference. As a concluding highlight, both the presentation of the e-learning module and the CO2 book will take place on Tuesday, 20 October.


NARECO2, short for “Natural Refrigerant CO2”, was launched in 2007 to bring together and share knowledge and experience regarding R744 installations. By spreading the message to countries lagging behind in this rapidly growing area, the project, financially supported by the EU Leonardo Life Long Learning programme, envisages a more intense use of CO2 in these countries. Although knowledge in different parts of Europe exists, it is still not structured and accessible to engineers, employees and teachers. This NARECO2 set out to change.

Its project partners are: Catholic University Limburg (Belgium), SINTEF (Norway), University of Padova (Italy), Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden), Bundesfachschule Kälte-Klima-Technik (Germany), Danish Technological Institute (Denmark), and shecco (Belgium).

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