Welcoming Advansor as a Gold Sponsor of ATMOsphere Europe 2016

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We are very happy to once again have the support of Advansor, a specialist OEM manufacturer of sustainable thermal systems for heating and cooling, as a Gold Sponsor of the upcoming ATMOsphere Europe 2016. The conference will take place on 19 & 20 April in Barcelona, Spain.

Focusing on the use of the natural refrigerant CO2 since its founding in 2006, Advansor is an expert in the development, production and commercialisation of sustainable refrigeration, freezing and air conditioning technology.

Its CO2 systems offer a number of advantages compared to traditional refrigeration systems; they are 100% environmentally sustainable, have low noise levels and a compact design, and they boast low installation and maintenance costs.

With its acquisition by Hillphoenix Inc. in 2011, Advansor’s CO2 commercial refrigeration systems also became available in the North American market.

compSuper: the supermarket refrigeration system of the future

Advansor has developed the compSUPER, a series of CO2 transcritical (TC) systems developed for both medium temperature and low temperature applications such as small cold storage rooms, display counters, catering appliances etc. The product, which is available in all sizes, combines a large number of positive features, which together ensure reliability, temperature quality and inexpensive operation.

The compSUPER line includes:
  • compSUPER XXS
  • compSUPER XS ValuePack
  • compSUPER XS
  • compSUPER S
  • compSUPER L/XL series 
Its product portfolio also features a number of solutions for improving efficiency of CO2 TC systems in high ambient temperatures, including high-pressure subcoolers, water spray systems, adiabatic cooling curtains, parallel compression systems and gas ejectors.

Advansor’s activities in other market segments

In addition to the retail sector, Advansor also offers tailored made solutions for other market segments:
  • compINDUSTRI: CO2 cooling and feezing systems up to 400 kW for light industry 

  • DX compFORT: Air conditioning system with direct expansion
  • compHEAT: Heat pumps up to 80°C
  • compFORT: Air-cooled systems for air conditioning
  • compBINE: Combined heating and cooling production 
About ATMOsphere Europe 2015
19 & 20 April at the Crowne Plaza Barcelona - Fira Center in Barcelona, Spain

ATMOsphere Europe 2016 is moving South to Barcelona, Spain to discuss the latest market trends and technology developments in the field of natural refrigerants, as well as updates on the implementation of the F-Gas Regulation. The 2016 programme will cover a variety of applications including commercial, light commercial, industrial and transport refrigeration, heat pumps, air conditioning, HVAC, convenience stores, HORECA and more.

For more information about the conference, please visit www.atmo.org/europe2016