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*Last updated: 10 Dec 2018
Monday 19 November 2018
ebm-papst workshop

ebm-papst will share its experience and knowledge in developing fan technology, which can be applied in refrigeration systems using flammable refrigerants such as hydrocarbons. This free workshop will take a closer look at different fan solutions for such refrigerants and can serve also as a guideline for designers to select the right fan with respect to safety and efficiency.

Patrick Stern, ebm-papst, ebm-papst
SuperSmart workshop on energy-efficient food retail stores
SuperSmart team welcomes you to take part in a 2-hour training workshop on how to build and operate energy-efficient food retail stores. This workshop will take a closer look at the EU eco-label for food retail stores, and at how to remove non-technological market barriers for the adoption of energy-efficient solutions for supermarkets.

Armin Hafner, NTNU

Silvia Minetto, Italian National Research Council (CNR) 

Samer Sawalha, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

Ingrid Camilla Claussen, Sintef

Hanne Kauko, Sintef

Kerstin Martens, UBA

Antonio Rossetti, Italian National Research Council (CNR)


Energy-efficient food retail stores
Networking lunch
Lunch will be served in the sponsors exhibition area Palameeting.
Welcome & introduction
Welcome and introduction by Marc Chasserot, Lydia Matthäus-Wiltink & Alvaro de Oña, shecco.

Marc Chasserot, shecco, Lydia Matthäus-Wiltink, shecco, Welcome and Introduction
End user interview

During this brand-new session, shecco CEO Marc Chasserot will hold an exclusive interview with Laurent Bataille of Gecina, a French real estate investment trust with property holdings worth €19.8 billion - the largest office property company in Europe. Bataille will talk about implementing natrefs in HVAC applications of commercial buildings and his plans to upgrade all their buildings to natural refrigerant-based technologies.

Laurent Bataille, Gecina, Gecina about implementing natural refrigerant-based technologies in HVAC applications of commercial buildings
Networking break
Coffee, tea and light snacks will be served in the sponsors exhibition area Palameeting.
Technology trends
During this all-star session, industry's leading experts on natural refrigerants CO2, ammonia and hydrocarbons will give the audience an exclusive in-depth look at the latest technology trends.

Chair: Alvaro de Oña, shecco

Armin Hafner, NTNU , Latest CO2 refrigeration trends

Andy Pearson, Star Refrigeration, Trends in Ammonia Refrigeration

Market Intelligence by sheccoBase
Latest market research and statistics of natural refrigerant technologies presented to you by sheccoBase.

Klara Zolcer Skacanova, shecco, Natural refrigerant market trends - sheccoBase
Networking break
Coffee, tea and light snacks will be served in the sponsors exhibition area.
Thought leaders panel
Leading European suppliers will give brief strategic and visionary presentations sharing their latest success stories, lessons learned, challenges and next steps regarding natural refrigerant-based technologies.

Chair: Marc Chasserot, shecco

Jürgen Süß, efficient energy

Victor Calvo, Carrier Commercial Refrigeration, Natural refrigerants for all climates and applications

Fabio Fogliani , Beijer Ref Italy , Beijer Ref

Andreas Meier, TEKO, TEKO Refrigeration Germany

Kenneth Bank Madsen, Advansor, sustainable CO2 Refrigeration Systems

Giacomo Pisano, Dorin, Dorin - A legend in progess

Marco Buoni, AREA, TRAINING: The Dawn of a new Refrigeration ERA
Networking drinks reception
Networking drinks reception held in the sponsor exhibition area, sponsored by Platinum Sponsors Beijer Ref and Carrier.

*Last updated: 10 Dec 2018
Tuesday 20 November 2018
Networking breakfast
Breakfast will be served in the sponsor exhibition area Palameeting.
Policy session
Presentations by key representatives on the latest regulatory issues and standards regarding natural refrigerants in Italy and Europe.

Chair: Klara Zolcer Skacanova,  shecco

Bente Tranholm-Schwarz, DG Clima, European Commission, F-gas policies Latest developments

Federica Moricci, National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, LE ALTERNATIVE AGLI HFC IN ITALIA

Davide Sabbadin, Legambiente , PRIORITIES ON REFRIGERANTS

Stanislav Stokov, Estonian Environmental Research Centre, Transition from ozone depleting substances and high GWP HFCs to alternative technologies and refrigerants in Estonia

Rita Tedesco, Environmental Citizens’ Organisation for Standardisation, The impact of standards on natural refrigerants

Marie Battesti, shecco, sheccoBase Global Policy Update
Networking break
Coffee, tea and light snacks will be served in the sponsors exhibition area Palameeting.
Training Session
MAC - Mobile Air-Conditioning Workshop
Chair: Charlotte McLaughlin, shecco

Michael Matthias , Sanden International , R744 compressor development for the automotive industry

Michael R. Ingvardsen , NISSENS A/S (Automotive Division), Technical Training

Laurent Descourtieux, Fives Filling & Sealing (France), NATURAL REFRIGERANT IN AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY
Commercial Refrigeration: Latest NatRef Technology Solutions
Networking afternoon
This new session "networking afternoon" combines several concurrent activities including a networking lunch, technomercials and client meetings.
Technomercial: UNIDO & shecco

Franziska Menten, Riccardo Savigliano, UNIDO & Marc Chasserot, shecco, Business opportunities for European companies in South East Asia/Philippines

shecco & the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) are partnering up to create a network of European and international companies for the development of the Food Cold Chain in South East Asia. The final goal is to help reducing food losses, allowing better business while safeguarding the environment. UNIDO and shecco will present opportunities for companies to join the network and to expand their business in these markets, with specific focus on the Philippines.

Franziska Menten, UNIDO, Riccardo Savigliano, Montreal Protocol Branch, UNIDO, Business opportunities for European companies in South East Asia

Technomercial: CAREL
This technomercial will describe several state of the art solutions for different applications with use of various natural refrigerants, available to end users. It will focus on aspects such as efficiency, cooling capacity, format, climate, installation type and other aspect to showcase a full range of solutions that can be adopted according to the individual needs of the end user.

Matteo Dal Corso, CAREL , Solutions portfolio of natural refrigerants The right solution for each application

Technomercial: TEKO
CO2 is a natural refrigerant with a sophisticated technology and has proven to be performing well in Northern and Southern Europe as well as in Asia. This technomercial will compare rack designs (past and present) and will show how to increase efficiency with the right technology, know-how and different options.

Andreas Meier, TEKO, CO2 technology: Reliable, easy and efficient
Technomercial: EIA & shecco

Clare Perry, Sophie Geoghegan, Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA)Klara Zolcer Skacanova, shecco, Report launch: Energy efficiency in HFC-free commercial refrigeration

EIA and shecco have partnered to work on an initiative funded by the Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program (KCEP) to bring about the consideration of energy efficiency requirements by members of the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) as they roll out HFC-free commercial refrigeration. The two organisations will launch a “Technical report on energy efficiency in HFC-free supermarket refrigeration”, which should serve as an information source for end users looking for energy efficient HFC-free alternatives.

Clare Perry, Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), Klara Zolcer Skacanova, shecco, Report launch: Energy efficiency in HFC-free commercial refrigeration
End user panel
Leading European end users working with natural refrigerants will share their experiences and share their thoughts and comments.

Chair: René van Gerwen, ENTROPY Cooling Solutions

Alex Kuzma, Woolworths, Woolworths CO2 Journey

Oscar Pesavento, Fresco & Vario, Comparison between R404A and R744


Andrea Skory, Migros Ticino, Luca Rossi, E. Biaggini SA, Migros Ticino and CO2
The 2nd Annual Accelerate Europe Awards will recognise companies and individuals leading the transition to natural refrigerant-based technologies.
Networking dinner reception
Dinner reception will be held in the beautiful Palazzo Marchetti, sponsored by Platinum Sponsors Beijer Ref and Carrier. Bus transfer will be provided from/to the venue.

*Last updated: 10 Dec 2018
Wednesday 21 November 2018
Networking breakfast
Breakfast will be served in the sponsor exhibition area Palameeting.
Industrial Refrigeration Session
Commercial Refrigeration: Solutions for Warmer Climates
Networking break
Coffee, tea and light snacks will be served in the sponsors exhibition area Palameeting.
HVAC (Industrial, Residential Air-Conditioning and Commercial Applications)
Solutions for Smaller Stores & Applications
Networking lunch
Lunch will be served in the sponsors exhibition area Palameeting.
Future of the industry debate
Summarising the tone of the three-day conference, this brand-new on-stage debate session will include a selection of key experts sharing their thoughts and predictions of where the HVAC&R sector is heading in the future, what opportunties are expected and what challenges lie ahead.

Chair: Marc Chasserot, shecco

Clare Perry, Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA)

Andrea Voigt, The European Partnership for Energy and the Environment (EPEE) 

Marco Buoni, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration European Association (AREA)

Francesco Scuderi, Eurovent Association
Summary of the conference and conclusions by Marc Chasserotshecco.
Site visit to Italmark supermarket in Bescia, organised by Epta. The store features Epta cabinets and FTE system, which will show a practical example of what will be discussed during the company's presentation during the conference. Participants will be able to visit both the store and the engine room. Registration is free of charge but mandatory and subject to approval. Click here to learn more and sign up. 

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